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LOOK AT ME (Mírame)

ART 661 Advanced Studio Practice

University of Calgary - MFA - Fall 2022

35mm Black and white photographs

Digital prints

A photo series that reflects the current state of my relationship with my son: at the beginning as a child (and even now but with less intensity), he asked me to look at him with passion in everything he did.

Who looks?

Why does he look?

What is he looking for?

What happens to the one who is looked at?

What happens to the one who looks?

It starts with this self-portrait of my son asleep in my arms. He must be a few months old, I took it without much attention, and it was a simple anecdote that, over time, was asking to be part of the chosen images. The self-portraits accompanying my son's photos in LOOK AT ME were made in a disinteresting way over the years.

They were always moments aside from the essential. The final compilation brought them into dialogue with the main subject, my son. Finally, the photographer turns from observer to observed.

This work was put together in 12 weeks, and from a total of 80 photos, I finally chose 32.

A small tribute to my son, Elías Salazar.

A little 11-year-old man that surprises me every day

and puts me to the test.

With love, dad


Thanks to my teachers Kim, Jean-René and Dona


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